A pocket wilderness in the heart of Houston.

West 11 Street Park


Nov 30, 2017

Winter 2017


President of Friends group has died.

Please donate to West 11th Street Park .

Trail Mainentance is completed, October 24, 2017.

Wireless Wilderness Trademark Protection.

TMNA's donation to Friends of West 11th Street Park!

Bayou City mini-magazines are FREE and available for downloading.  Print them, and fold them into miniature field guides you can read at home and take with you when you go outside.

Time to sign up for Kroger's Community Rewards program for 2016-2017.  Support the park just by shopping at Krogers!   Use this link for detailed instructions.

If you already have a Kroger account, go directly to the Kroger Community Rewards webpage.  Thank you for your support!

Download an Ebird Field Checklist for West 11th Street Park.

Visit West 11th Street Park's facebook page.

Read what one person has to say about their experience in the Park.


We alo have a Suggested Reading booklist.