A pocket wilderness in the heart of Houston.

West 11 Street Park

Tour Stop 11: Mystery Stop - What are Buddy Trees?

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Directly in front of you are two mature trees, a pine and an oak, growing within inches of each other. Why are they so close together?  Since trees compete with each other for a limited amount of resources, doesn't it seem odd to have two mature trees growing that close to each other?

Buddy Trees - Enlarged Buddy Trees

If you think this is just a rare accident, turn around and look about 25 feet behind you on the other side of the trail. You will see two other trees right next to each other, again a pine and an oak.  In fact, as you walk throughout the entire park, you will see this happening again and again.

Can you come up with an explanation for this unusual situation?  Think about it for a moment and when you are ready to hear the answer, press 54 on your phone.


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